How to win an online Keno tournament?

Online keno tournaments Online keno tournaments

Online casinos are probably the best place to play Keno. Online Keno games’ payouts are very often around 90% and they bring almost the same excitement as lottery but with better odds. On top of that, online casinos offering Keno tournaments are easy enough to find.


Keno looks a lot like Bingo in the sense that you mark off certain numbers on a form and that these numbers will get drawn using a random number generator. A bit everywhere in the world, countries have their own keno-type games. But they are quite expensive! In online casinos, Keno tournaments are free of charge even though you are compelled to set up a real money account at a specific casino before participating to the web competition. However, not all the tournaments offer Keno to play for real money. Some major reputable online establishments run free online Keno competitions.

Online Keno tournament strategies

The best way to strike it rich at a Keno tournament is to use one of the appropriate strategies.

Choosing a game that suits the player’s bankroll

What players very often forget is that their bankroll is more at risk while playing online keno in a tournament. In fact, opponents are numerous and earnings are limited. In order for the player to make substantial winnings, he will need to increase the odds. Therefore, the player should always bet the minimum wagers (for instance 1€) and make it return on two matches (twice 0.50€). In order to do this, the player is going to need to choose the right number of spots while respecting the payout scale. The upshot will be the playing staying much longer in the game and the opportunity for him to win a better payout.

Picking paying spots

Players should always have the reaction to pick the spots ranging from 50% to 75% in comparison with the ticket’s spot limit. This means that for a ticket enabling 10 spots, the player should not pick more than 8 of them. Idea is to always pick the most advantageous spots without playing with excess. There is no need to bet on the whole spots as they will never get all drawn. Furthermore, you are indirectly wasting money by doing that. Players should also consider that tickets can sometimes generate rather small earnings.

Always choose a variable amount of spots

Players should always try to bet on tickets with plenty of spots. Indeed, there is a significant link between the spots’ amount and the payout scale. A ticket enabling 15 spots will get the player to choose between 7 and 11 spots to bet on. On a small wager (for instance 1€), the payout scale may return some money back if 3 right numbers get successfully drawn (payout will never be more than 1€). The more players hit right numbers, the more the payout scale grows. By picking 80% of the ticket’s spots, the players can therefore increase their odds significantly.

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