Getting to know the game called Keno

Not everybody knows what Keno is. For those of you who haven’t played Keno before, it is a form of lottery game. Some say it is much like bingo but you can choose the numbers that you wish to hear. It is played in national lotteries but also in casinos and online. Playing Keno is really easy – especially online; you are able to choose up to 10 different numbers out of 80 by just clicking the numbers. Players are to choose how many numbers they want to play with, how much they want to bet and how many games at once they want to play. Our Finnish readers can have a look for more information.

In a real casino there are balls in a glass enclosure, each marked with a number from 1 to 80. The machine mixes and then pushes the balls out one by one. When playing online, a random number generator chooses the numbers. There will be 20 balls selected determining the winning numbers. The payouts depend on how many numbers the player chose and how many numbers match with the result. Usually the more numbers you choose and the more numbers match the more you will win. Keno is an amazing game since it usually offers big winnings with small wagers.

In a real casino you have to be quiet and really try to listen all the numbers. Online you can see your hits immediately and you don’t even really have to look at the result numbers.

Like with any game, there have been many attempts to create different variation of Keno. What makes this game so special is that the players usually just want to play Keno and that’s it. That is why most online casinos just offer the basic Keno games. If you visit different online casinos, you will find different variations. Normally there are no crazy bonuses or such attached, but different variations come with different options and features. Some offer you for example more or less numbers to choose from and some give you an opportunity to play with multiple number selections

Keno is a game without patterns or logical effects, but still you are able to test some game strategies. You can choose your lucky numbers and always play with the same or you can try to calculate which numbers are most likely to be selected. You are also able to read about different tested strategies online. Keno is an exciting game and really puts your lucky numbers in a test. If you are able to predict the numbers, you can win great prices. If you are feeling lucky, get to know the game of Keno; choose your numbers and play this wonderful game of chance.

If you wish to put your skills to the test we have a free Keno game right here!

Here are a few more tips to master online casinos: